Unusual - 얼룩말 울음소리 (cover)

Unusual releases new single and MV ‘얼룩말 울음소리’ [Sound of the Zebra]

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Today, Unusual of CREAMPIE has released a new single titled ‘얼룩말 울음소리’ [Sound of the Zebra].

The song is not about a certain subject, instead, Unusual shows how his train of thought flows. The music video was directed by KISS THE RAIN of NOP who also made the artwork, and the song was mastered by NOP’s Stay True.

Watch the music video or listen to the track on SoundCloud below!

Produced by Unusual
Written and performed by Unusual
Recorded by Unusual @ NOP Studio
Mixed by Stay True @ NOP Studio
Cover artwork by KISS THE RAIN
Music video directed by KISS THE RAIN





Source: rokhiphop