HAKI, ULTIMA - How You (album cover)

ULTIMA and HAKI release single and MV ‘How You’

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Singer-songwriter HAKI and rapper ULTIMA of Freestyle Town have released the R&B breakup song ‘How You’ together.

Those who have experienced a breakup know that fear,
that fear when night lies heavy over the dark streets.
Those feelings of confusion when you lose the one
who you have given your whole existence to.

With seemingly stifled, sullen vocals and upsurging rapping, ‘How You‘ knows these feelings very well, and anyone who has gone through a breakup will be able to relate to it completely, just like to this line of Jungha Lee’s poem: “You may drown me, I do not mind, so overflood me like water.”

Find the lyric video of HAKI and ULTIMA‘s ‘How You’ below.


Executive Producer: 김다슬 (Daeseul Kim) a.k.a ULTIMA
Label: Freestyle Town
Producers: HAKI, ULTIMA
Composed by HAKI
Lyrics written by HAKI, ULTIMA
Arranged by HAKI, Cloudy Beats
Vocals by HAKI
Chorus by HAKI
Keyboard and bass by HAKI
Recorded at Freestyle Town Studio
Mixed by Yang.D
Mastered by KK
MV directed by One.K
Art and LV Direction: Sanggoking
Marketing & Promotion: 이태민 (Taemin Lee) of Freestyle Town

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Source: Mnet