Tiger JK - Good To See You Again (Forever) (반가워요) MV screenshots

Tiger JK releases ‘Good To See You Again (Forever) (반가워요)’ MV

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Earlier today, Feel Ghood Music artist and MFBTY member Tiger JK released the MV for his latest single ‘Good To See You Again (Forever)’ (반가워요) featuring Yoonmirae.

From the Youtube channel: “Tiger JK expresses his appreciation for those who wrote letters to him in this song and sings of how he misses them and wishes to see them again. ‘Forever’ is song about solitude in an environment that changes so quickly. It’s also a message from Tiger JK to the people he misses, those who probably have grown up into adults and have kids of their own.

‘Forever’ is for the old fans who still remember and support Tiger JK. Although it is unclear what kind of messages he’ll deliver in his future songs, but whatever may come, it is definitely going to be one of the best gifts any fan can ask for.”

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Check out the music video below: