The Mind - 1st Album The Vusiness Class (album cover)

The Mind releases ‘1st Album The Vusiness Class’ LP

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Rapper/producer The Mind of D-Cast has released his first full-length album with featurings by Kebee, Don Malik, and more.

The topic of the album is travelling and it is separated into two CDs, part one being ‘by plane’ and part two ‘by wheels’. The first part contains songs about a world tour while the second is about discovering the artist’s personal world by bus or car.
The whole music was played by famous Korean bands, meaning all sounds come from real instruments. The Mind mixes rock, latin jazz, bossa nova, disco, broken beat, etc. with band music, expressing all kinds of genres through rap with his lively lyrics and witty expressions.
Brand New Music’s Kebee (of Eluphant) and daze alive’s Don Malik bless the album with their featurings. The title track ‘Blue Marble’ features PEBBLE who recently released ‘Blue Your Mind’ EP and R&B singer 치영 (Chiyoung) of R.E.D Crew. It is a neo soul song about the romantic idea of going anywhere one wants together with one’s lover.

Everyone who is tired by daily life can travel the world with this album.

Track List & Credits:

CD 1 (by plane)

  1. Engine (Man Of The Drastic Pt. 2)
  2. Okay
  3. Mixtape (Feat. Kebee, Don Malik & DJ Nubits)
  4. 멀미 나
  5. LOVE
  6. Box
  7. Hallapino (Feat. 조우)
  8. 설마…
  9. Time (Feat. Bien)
  10. Blue Marble (Feat. 치영 & PEBBLE) TITLE
  11. Vampire State Of Mind
  12. Bonus: Mixtpae (D-Mix) (Feat. PEBBLE, MoeL, Stepper, Bien & DJ Nubits)

CD 2 (by wheels)

  1. @pictogram91
  2. 돈벌이 (Don’t Worry)
  3. 100 On The Mind
  4. Vibe 2 (Feat. DJ Flamist)
  5. 노력 (Feat. Stepper & DJ Nubits)
  6. Non-Smoking Dream
  7. From All Hip-Hop Kids (Feat. Makid Sense & D2ERA)
  8. 응,아냐 (Feat. Bien) TITLE
  9. 불륜 Pt.1
  10. Without (To All EXs)
  11. 내 인생의 두 여자
  12. Siri, Set Alarm @ 9:00 AM (Feat. MoeL)

Executive Producers: Hyunsung Nah (나현성), Sangki Park (박상기) for Definition Forecast
Producer: The Mind
Director: The Mind
Engineer: The Mind
A&R: The Mind
Mixing & Mastering: The Mind
CD 1 instruments played by Band V (except track no. 9)
Artworks by Seowon Jung (정서원) for Andromeda Studio
Powered by Definition Forecast (경복회계사무소)
Dedicated to Today’s Heroine

You can preview the album via Korean music portals, for example Mnet. Simply click on the ‘전체듣기’ (listen to all) button on the left above the track list and wait for the one-minute previews to play (they open in a pop-up window, ignore the message that pops up inside).
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Source: Mnet

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