Teth, Fade, CHOI SAM - Go Trippin' (cover)

Teth, FADE, and CHOI SAM release single ‘Go Trippin’

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Independent rappers Teth and CHOI SAM and singer FADE have released the digital single ‘Go Trippin’ together.

The three artists performed together at the ‘CHOI SAM IN THE WOLF’ concert in February when they planned this album. On producer C.why‘s laidback beat, each artist expresses their thoughts about travelling with chill, positive vibes.

A music video for ‘Go Trippin‘ is coming up too. Meanwhile, CHOI SAM plans to release a mini album this month, Teth a full-length album in July, and FADE a mini album in August.


Produced by C.why
Composed by C.why, FADE
Lyrics by Teth, FADE, CHOI SAM
Mixed and mastered by Riby-J
Artwork by Teth
MV by Teth

You can preview the track on Korean music portals, for example Mnet. Simply click on the ‘듣기’ (listen) button and wait for the one-minute preview to play (opens in a pop-up window, ignore the message that pops up inside).

Source: Mnet