Tablo’s first single ‘Airbag’ to be released October 14

In Music Release, Singles by Andrew

After two years of hiatus and signing an exclusive contract with YG Entertainment, Tablo will be releasing his first single titled ‘Airbag‘ for his first solo album which will be available on November 1, 2011.

Tablo explained the meaning behind the new track, “The airbag in our vehicle protects us from car accidents.  Just as an airbag protects us from these accidents, wouldn’t it be nice if  there was some being that will protect us from sadness and adversity?”

Tablo’s upcoming solo album, which is entirely composed and written by himself, explores his two exhausting years behind the music scene after he was falsely accused of academic forgery.  Additionally, his first solo album features a number of underrated and talented artists.

[Source: Nate News]