Superbee - Nil-Riri Mambo (On My Way) (album cover)

Superbee releases digital single ‘Nil-Riri Manbo (On My Way)’

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Superbee has released a new single today titled ‘Nil-Riri Manbo (On My Way)‘ (not “닐리리 맘보 (Nil-Riri Mambo)” as wrongly listed on music portals).

After fulfilling his dream, Superbee is now tackling new life goals and trophies.
In ‘Nil-Riri Manbo’ he expresses that he wants everyone to fulfill their dream, no matter what it may be. He hopes that everyone may live a Ghood Life.


Lyrics by Superbee
Composed and arranged by Annn

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Source: Mnet