Speaking Trumpet - Passport (cover)

Speaking Trumpet have released new single ‘Passport’

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Speaking Trumpet have released their new single ‘Passport’ yesterday (29th).

‘Passport’ features all of Speaking Trumpet’s members and is their first release after about nine months since they released their compilation album ‘Speaking Trumpet’ last year in September. DJ Juice produced the track that talks about ‘the strength of music that overcomes boundaries and stretches out to the whole world no matter where, inspiring everyone’.

Meanwhile, the Speaking Trumpet crew will perform ‘Passport’ live for the first time on July 4 in Tokyo at the ‘Speaking Trumpet in Tokyo’ concert at ‘Shibuya Milkyway’, and they are currently planning their second compilation album also produced by DJ Juice.

Executive producers: Speaking Trumpet
Producer: DJ Juice
Recorded by DJ Juice @ STREET DREAM STUDIO
Mixed by R-EST
Mastered by Hwang Hongchul @ MIDWAY STUDIO
Additional vocals by Yoshida Mami
Japanese lyrics translated by Yoshida Mami
Artwork designed by Etchforte

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