SoundCloud releases in June (overview)

SoundCloud releases in June (J.slow, Bloo, Junoflo, LAKE KIM, PEACE OF CAKE, Rudeka, etc.)

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A great lot of new music was released via SoundCloud in June, read this post for an overview of the most interesting releases that you should not sleep on!
If this is not enough for you, you can find weekly playlists of the latest releases on HiphopKR’s SoundCloud channel.

Mixtapes & Albums

VinnyFLY‘s ‘먼지쌓인TAPE’ (Dusty TAPEwas released on June 9 and is available for free download.


Rudeka‘s ‘Dru The Jacket‘ is an album about the artist’s dark personality ‘Dru’ and will win you over with its 11 long tracks, poetic, angsty and shockingly blunt lyrics, and the artist’s characteristically heart-wrenching aggressive-melancholic sounds. He personally produced, mixed and mastered all tracks and even created the artwork himself. For more information about the artist, check out our exclusive interview with Rudeka and sneak review of his last mixtape ‘SOBER‘.


Bloo of MKIT RAIN has released the mixtape ‘Tony‘ as well as a music video for the track ‘Drive Thru’ which was directed by T. Track 7 ‘Wanna Go Everywhere’ is not available on SoundCloud, but you can download it with the mixtape or listen to it on YouTube.


DAZE (formerly meloq) has released his first mixtape ‘AFFAIRS‘ on June 23. Maybe because he loves cats, The mixtape has an overall mellow and chill sound. You can download it for free.


Incheon-based PEACE OF CAKE released the album ‘FREEZER‘ which is made up of 18 tracks that were all mixed and mastered by 187. They recently also released a music video for the track ‘Instagram Shot’ off their last album ‘DIRTY PLATES’.


J.slow who goes slow but long has released ‘SLOW TAPE Vol. 2‘ that he entirely produced himself. He only received help from EachONE for arranging and mixing the tracks. Also check out his first mixtape ‘Slow Tape‘.


Although nothing entirely new, DJ Dopsh uploaded a remastered version of ‘Dopshism‘ at the end of the month.


Last but not least, 2TONE (Big One and BMP) have released their second mixtape ‘아니, 벌써?(What, Already?).



Check out some handpicked tracks below, surely you’ll find something you like!

DAZE remade Dean, Crush and Jeff Bernat’s ‘What 2 Do‘–a super sweet listen that is even available for free download.

LA-based artist Fuzzy who raps and sings in English releases a new acoustic soul hiphop track every week. Check out ‘How Funny‘, a personal favorite which is–yay, again!–available for free download.

While you might not have liked Rudeka‘s dark rap, try his emotional singing in ‘흐느적거리네’ (Swaying Gently), a Cherry Coke-inspired track.

Another freely downloadable, mellow sound is brought to you by LAKE KIM who recently released his third mixtape ‘BITTERSWEET’.

You surely didn’t sleep on this track by Junoflo?! Download it for keeps.

Dojo Lovechild (formerly Demento) has released this new track which was produced by Wellawood.

New Champ and Qwala collaborated with Chinese artists Melo and Maisewei for ‘China Korea‘. Why not listen to some Chinese rap for a change?

Choi Sam. Nuff said.

There is more good music waiting to be discovered, so do visit our SoundCloud channel, click play and set out on a musical adventure!