Covers of new mixtapes on SoundCloud

SoundCloud releases in July (Khundi Panda, CHANGMO, pH-1, Minje, Simba Zawadi, etc.)

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Several huge hits in July were released by:

R&B singer Ovan was involved in several popular tracks like SUL’s ‘What’s Up‘, Jayci Yucca’s ‘이사가‘, or EXN’s ‘네가 바라는대로 변하길 원했는데 RMX‘. Further extremely popular tracks were:

On another note, rappers were occupied with random topics like their Dream Girl, the Chameleon, or the question if Pepsi or Cola tastes better. They also traveled from Paris to Seoul and Hongdae, and indulged in their hobbies like dancing, reading comics for girls, and surfing.



Earft of Ofhveats has released his third mixtape ‘everything for u‘, rather soft sounds on which he raps about fictitious love stories. (Source)

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Alternative R&B singer Minje has released the mixtape ‘Freeism, 659‘ which he has made all by himself within seven days. He will release a full-length album this year, so while waiting be sure to check out this mixtape! (Source)

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Simba Zawadi got together with Kenny Raw (Kim Hyo-eun, SMTM5 contestant) for ‘The Late Night Mixtape‘. All tracks were mixed and mastered by Xoul Vermillion and the awesome artwork was created by kikikiki_98.

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Producers BangJa and M.Slam of Jay Co Bees Crew have released the collaboration album ‘The ANTIQUE‘. The album is made up of thirteen tracks of which three are instrumental tracks and it features twelve rappers: B-Jyun, Brealiant, Jackal and Clay-T of the same crew, J;KEY of KINGdumbs, Bumby of Dickids, Bray, Skilleto and Bon Voyaze of Fabrik Musik, Boole of Hello-IN and BAaD $TARr of High-G. The artwork was created by the talented GimGABB of MBM Music. (Source)



Young Vinyls of Luv Jones Records have released their official mixtape ‘$Free.99‘. The 90s hiphop project album will be followed by a second part in the near future.