New mixtapes in August (covers)

SoundCloud releases in August (SSABI, Chillin Ovatime, Bully Da Ba$tard, acacy, and more)

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FLASH BANG who are Keebo Yellokookyb and Slim Blackjean of $exy $treet have released their first mixtape titled ‘Air Drop’.
It contains ten tracks and a featuring by Geegooin that is not to be missed!

Personal favorites: 01. HI-JACK, 05. High Five, 06. WoooO (Feat. Geegooin)
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SSABI – Diary

Dynasty Muzik’s newcomer SSABI has released his first mixtape ‘Diary’ for which he received help by Snacky Chan, Cano, Half HOUR, and Seo Dawon.

Credits: Recorded at The Master (더장인) Studio, mixed & mastered by Snacky Chan, cover design by Michelle Park, cover photo by Purple Kow, YouTube PV video by Michelle Park
Personal favorites:
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Jayci Yucca – JUST FEEL

Producer and rapper Jayci Yucca has released his first mixtape ‘JUST FEEL’. It includes featurings by Ovan, and Leellamarz who you might know from SMTM3.

Credits: Mixed by Jayci Yucca,Wiley Posse, main artwork by Pblo Prk, artwork for ‘이사가’ by Qeri
Personal favorites:
 02. 이사가 (Feat. Ovan), 07. JUST
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못난이 – 꽃길만 걷자

Rapper Ugly of Jjamppong Crew has released his third mixtape ‘Flowerway’ with featurings by Chan O, WAVEY, Vam P, Wella Rhogus, Begya, acacy, Call Lee, and PUP.

Credits: Mixed by Chan O, artwork by Lee Won Hee
Personal favorites: 02. Ocean View (Feat. Chan O), 08. 꽃길만 걷자
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Young Aqua – Aqua (Mini Tape)

Young Aqua has released the mini tape ‘Aqua’. It is made up of six tracks of which one features D-ahn.

Note: the cover belongs to the track ‘AQUA GIRL’, the mini tape has a different cover
Beats by cosmicboy, CAKEBOY, Dersey Beats, Oxthello, Silo,
Personal favorite: 03. AQUA GIRL
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Posadic – Chill’ 16

Rapper and producer Posadic of FD has released his first mixtape titled ‘Chill’ 16′. Four of the seven boom bap tracks were produced by Posadic himself while track six was produced by Pamaya. Track two (Palm Tree) features Khundi Panda, track seven 2kup, and all tracks were mastered by CHANGMO.

Credits: Artwork by 2kup and Young Hyun Kim, mixed by Posadic, mastered by CHANGMO
Personal favorites: 02. 야자수 (Feat. Khundi Panda) (Prod. Posadic), 06. Night View (Prod. Pamaya)
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Chillin Ovatime – Just Chillin III

Chillin Ovatime of Starfield Industry has released his third mixtape ‘Just Chillin III’ with a total of fourteen (!) tracks, two music videos, and a title track that features New Champ. Chillin Ovatime is now working on an EP album.

Credits: Produced by Cloudy Beats, xvho, Larkin Beats, Yungsteel beats, Dreamlife beats, Loud superstaarbeats, Taz Taylor, Krt, The beatplug | Lyrics by Chillin Ovatime, JL, Kambo, New Champ | Recorded by Starfield Records | Mixed & mastered by Kambo, PowerPlay | MVs by machoGRANDE | Cover by udumo
Personal favorites: 05. Whatever (Feat. JL), 10. The new classic (prod. xvho)
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Jupiter – The Lonely Blue Dawn

Jupiter has released the mixtape ‘The Lonely Blue Dawn’ with featurings by CHANGMO, J;Key, Rakon, Rud0vico, and Judthe. The Don Sign-produced bonus track ‘안녕 (Feat Rakon)’ had been pre-released as a single.

Personal favorites: 02. 외로움, 04. LIGHTS (Feat. CHANGMO)
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Bully Da Ba$tard – Live 2 Death

Dickids Crew member Bully Da Ba$tard (previously: Playboi) who is turning 17 (Korean age) this year has released his second mixtape ‘Live 2 Death’. Amongst others, there are featurings by B-Jyun and Jay Moon.

Credits: Mixed and mastered by BangJa (track 1), PanDa Gomm (track 2), Bully Da Ba$tard | Lyrics by Bully Da Ba$tard, Jay Moon, Baddy Homie (수린), Bumby, B-NOM, Clay-T, B-Jyun | Artwork by Qeri
Personal favorites:
01. 불만족 (Feat. Jay Moon), 08. Chaser (Feat. Bumby, ODDIN)
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