Sool J, Paul Kim, Ultima - Thinking of You (album cover)

Sool J, Paul Kim, and Ultima release single ‘Thinking of You’

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The two Freestyle Town rappers and Paul Kim have released a new single yesterday, November 13.

Popular singer Paul Kim, Sool J who is famous for rapping in dialect, and Ultima who has been receiving attention for songs like ‘가끔 (Sometimes) Rap Version’ – these three got together with hit producer Cosmic Sound (‘San E and Raina – A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness’, ‘Baek Yerin – Me You’) for this song about the pain of breaking up, a topic anyone can deeply relate to.

‘Thinking of You’ on iTunes


Lyrics by Ultima, Sool J, Paul Kim
Composed by Cosmic Sound, Cosmic Girl, Donnie J
Arranged by Cosmic Sound, Cosmic Girl, Kang Minhoon (강민훈)

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