SongRapper - 빨래방 (album cover)

SongRapper releases single and MV ‘빨래방 (Feat. BK, 입술세개)

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SongRapper of Snipersound has released the single ‘빨래방 [Self-Service Laundry] (Feat. BK, Three Lips)’ today.

After ‘나와 (Feat. Chawoo)‘, this track is the second pre-release off SongRapper’s EP that is set for release on November 29. ‘빨래방’ is filled with a tranquil piano accompaniment and a trumpet sound to which the three men talk about what comes to their mind as they wait in a self-service laundry, feeling empty, while society keeps moving fast outside.
Before the release of his EP, SongRapper will pre-release another track, ‘BACK IN THE DAY’, which is about the life of Song Seungmin (the rapper’s real name).


Lyrics by SongRapper, BK, 입술세개 (Three Lips)
Composed and arranged by 입술세개 (Three Lips)
Mixed by Kim Jongsam @ 토마토공격대 (Tomato Studio)
Mastered by Junhoon a.k.a Bigboom @ Sonic Korea

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Source: Mnet