Sik K - 제목미정 (cover)

SIK K releases new album ‘제목미정’ (Untitled)

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One month after the singles ‘Better Life’ and ‘My Man’, SIK K returns with his second double-single.

The first track which is titled ‘Untitled’ was produced by BOYCOLD and features Crucial Star and talented singer Taylor. Each of them expresses their love and worries towards the woman they love in their very own way on this song’s cheerful guitar sound.

The second track ‘What The Hell’ was produced together with band Hyukoh’s drummer Lee Inwoo who also made SIK K’s ‘My Man’. It features Donutman and AOMG’s Elo. SIK K and Donutman straightforwardly and realistically rap about how they don’t have anything left to say to their ex-girlfriends who call them.


01. 제목미정 [Untitled] (Feat. Crucial Star, Taylor)
02. What The Hell (Feat. Donutman, Elo)


Source: ROKHipHop