Shirosky - La lecture (cover)

Shirosky releases ‘From Earth’ and ‘Tie Dye (feat. Manju)’ MV

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Check out the music videos for jazz hiphop producer Shirosky‘s ‘From Earth‘ and ‘Tie Dye (feat. Manju)‘ from her latest full-length album [La lecture].

All music Composed + Arranged by Shirosky
Programming by Shirosky
Bass by Chunho Lee
Piano by Shirosky, E-Piano by Shirosky, Synth by Shirosky
Scratch(DJ) by Dj Juice, Dj Schedule1, Shirosky
Voice by Illa, KIZK, LONG:D, Manju, Marchitect, MC META, MINI, MYK, Shirosky, ZIZO
Mixed by Pe2ny, Shirosky
Mastered by Do Seungil @ Play ball sound

Designed by Yannick Candin
Photographed by Woo Yong Son @ Blockheads_LAB
Music Video by Daegu university
,Woo Yong Son @ Blockheads_LAB
A Film by Woo Yong Son @ Blockheads_LAB
Recorded by KIZK @ Studio SPACESHIP
Kyungho Yun @ Play ball sound
Marchitect @ Yaheard World Headquarters
Minse Han @ LONG:D world
Shirosky @ Ant House, Shirosky plant
Yongsu choi @ Pongdang Sound

Art Directed by Yannick Candin
PR Consultants : SeomJu kim
Producer : Shirosky
Executive producer : Shirosky