Shilyuk - 난 알아 (cover)

Shilyuk releases digital single and MV ‘난 알아’

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Shilyuk (실력), who released the single ‘No More Hard Times (Feat. Dok2)’ in 2014, is showing another side of himself this time around.

He personally went to LA’s famous Skid Row to portray a miserable music video and song. ‘난 알아’ [I Know] is a song for those who want to say “Yes, I am a lunatic! So what?? Mind your own business!” when they have a hard time, feel depressed, are mentally unstable, are bullied, or when they feel like there is nobody by their side.

Executively produced by Shilyuk
Produced by Birthday
Recorded by Birthday
Mixed & mastered by Birthday
Music video by Oh Janghwan, Yoon Hyunil
Art direction & design by Kim Jihyung
Style director: Shilyuk



Source: ROKHipHop