Samuel Seo - New Dress Girl (cover)

Seo Samuel to pre-release ‘New Dress Girl’ off upcoming full-length album

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On September 14, Samuel Seo is going to pre-release the track ‘New Dress Girl’ off his full-length album ‘FRAMEWORKS’ that is set for release on October 2.

Samuel Seo personally produced the track and it was mixed & mastered by Boost Knob’s Park Kyungsun. Together with the release of the single, the music video for ‘New Dress Girl’ will come out too.

Samuel Seo is currently part of producer Jun Beck’s label CRAFT AND JUN, his full-length album ‘FRAMEWORKS’ is made in collaboration with STONESHIP.

Produced by Samuel Seo
Lyrics by Samuel Seo
Arranged by Samuel Seo
Keyboard, drum synth by Samuel Seo
Bass by No Suntaek
Mixed & mastered by Park Kyungsun of Boostknob
Art director: AH OAK
Art supervisor: ADVVVENTURE
MV directed by ALOHA MAN SEOUL


Source: rokhiphop