Scary'P X CAKNOW - WONKA WORLD (cover)


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Together with his crew member CAKNOW, WORMHOLEZ’ main producer SCARY’P has released for free a one producer and one MC album titled ‘WONKA WORLD’.

The album describes someone who has been thinking that reality is different from him, but collides with reality which says that he is wrong. Putting that collision behind, he creates his own sweet dream world, ‘WONKA WORLD’, in which he lives on.
The album is made up of a lot of messages and stories, for example: a cheerful track that sounds like out of a musical, a track that criticizes the world that only cares about results, and a track showing the person’s confused feelings. Not only the album’s music, also its artwork contains the producer and rapper’s ideas. They personally requested it from painter DDan Gogh1)The name is a pun on ‘van Gogh’ as ‘ddan’ means ‘another’ in Korean it translates to ‘Another Gogh’. who collaborated with WORMHOLEZ’ crew member BRED to create an even more meaningful result.
The album has featurings by VMC, Rhydmeka, and Guereallaz’ Nucksal, Legit Goons’ BLNK-Time, and talented singer Esbee Tale.
This album being the start, SCARY’P and CAKNOW plan to release more free singles and albums from now on.
Listen to ‘WONKA WORLD’ below on SoundCloud or download it here.

“Hello, we are SCARY’P and CAKNOW. We originally wanted to release this album, which we have been working hard on for two years, on music portals for you to purchase. However, after long and careful consideration, we decided to release it for free. We treasure this album very much, so instead of earning money with it, we want all of you to have free access to it without feeling burdened [by having to spend money]. So please give it a listen, download it, and tell many of your friends about it.
From a musical point of view, the SCARY’P you knew and the music SCARY’P is making now are completely different. And we are certain that you will like CAKNOW’s unique and characteristic rap. That is how much we are confident of the album, so please show us your support. The two of us have actively participated in the producing of the artwork as well, making a lot of effort to show you good results in the album’s non-musical area as well. We hope for your support and that you will listen to the album often.
Thank you.”

Executive Producers: SCARY’P, CAKNOW
Composed by SCARY’P, Doplamingo, CAKNOW, BLNK-TIME, Esbee Tale, Charles Chaplin, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, WONKA WORLD
Arranged by SCARY’P, Doplamingo, CAKNOW
Lyrics by CAKNOW, Nucksal, BLNK-TIME, Esbee Tale, Dead Poets Society 1989
Mixed & mastered by SCARY’P, Doplamingo, CAKNOW @ 1202 Scary Hell
Recorded by SCARY’P, CAKNOW @ HOLUS BOLUS 1104
Artwork designed by BRED GRAPHY, DDan Gogh


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Sources: rokhiphop, hiphopplaya
Translation: hiphopkr

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