San E - Mohae (cover art)

San E releases single ‘Mohae (Feat. Bolbbalgan4)’

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San E has released a new single with the duo Bolbbalgan4, as well as a making of video of their collaboration.

Late at night, lying in bed, typing a phrase on a messaging app. Send it or not? … Did she read it yet?

“Mohae?” – “What are you doing?”

In May 2017, San E meets Bolbbalgan4.

Their collaboration single ‘Mohae‘ is quick to sing along to and has a much more mainstream sound and lighter topic than San E’s ‘Season of Suffering’ EP. It was co-produced by the talented Cosmic Sound and Cosmic Girl and shines with San E‘s signature frank and witty storytelling about the feelings of a boy and a girl messaging each other.

Listen to the official audio and check out the making of video as well, you can find both of them below.

‘Mohae’ on iTunes

Produced by San E
Composed by San E, Cosmic Sound, Cosmic Girl
Lyrics written by San E
Arranged by Cosmic Sound, Cosmic Girl
Guitar by 박기태 (Gitae Park)
Keyboard by Cosmic Sound
Chorus by Cosmic Girl
Recorded by Cosmic Sound at Cosmic Sound Studio, 9999 at BRANDNEW MUSIC Studio
Mixed and mastered by Master Key at MasterPiece SoundLab

Executive Producer: Rhymer a.k.a Mr. BIG Daddy for BRANDNEW MUSIC
Promotion & Artist Management Director: Seowoo Nam
Administration Director: Hyungwook Kim
Administration & Accounting: Sunghye Yoon, Semin Kim, Hwashin Shin
Production Co-ordinators: Master Key, Youngheon Won, dongnaehyung, 리시 (Lizzy), 9999, XEPY, Taewan, DJ Juice
Artist Management: Min-gyoo Jung, Hojin Lee, Yong-wan Kwon, Joonbae Kim, Jong-won Ryoo
Strategy Planning: Uibong Jung, Meehee Lee
A&R: Youngjoon Yoo, Nara Kim
Marketing & Online Promotion: Meehee Lee, Jung-ah Oh, Narisa Takayama
Artist Development & Casting: Yoojin Jang, Choye Kim
Fan Marketing: Jung-ah Oh, Narisa Takayama
Overseas Business: Narisa Takayama, WARNER MUSIC KOREA CO., LTD.
Art Direction & Design: Narisa Takayama
Style Directors: Booja Jung, Bosung Kim
Stylist Assistants: Youngjoo Yoo, Sooji Yoo, Inyong Yoo
Hair and Makeup: Jooyoung Han, Sooyeon Joh, Hyejung Yoon, Jiyeon Min for BLACK LIP

Official Audio:

Making Of:

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Source: Mnet

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