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San E – On Top of Your Head (모두가 내 발 아래) (feat. MC GREE) (English Lyrics)

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Check out the MV for Brand New Music artist San E’s latest track ‘모두가 내 발 아래 (On Top of Your Head)’ featuring MC GREE.

The first verse of the track features San E responding to HI-LITE Records artist B-Free and his diss track ‘My Team’ which dropped last September.

B-Free’s track ‘My Team’ features fellow label artists Reddy, Okasian, Huckleberry P, Paloalto and Keith Ape. The track calls out “fake hip-hop players” that “use cheat codes like Show Me The Money,” pointing at artists who take short-cuts to fame through mainstream mediums like MNET Show Me the Money. In particular, B-Free calls out San E in his verse: “curse others and say you didn’t, like rap cripple loser.” This line subsequently became the verse of the year and became a hot topic of 2014.

In response to B-Free, San E dropped the music video for his latest track ‘On Top of Your Head (모두가 내 발 아래)’ which was revealed on MNET 4 Things Show. Check out the music video and translated lyrics below.

Lyrics translation | source

Intro (San E)
On top of your head, on top of your head x 4

Verse 1 (San E)
The more you struggle to live I’ll fucking kill you cockroaches
Poke, poke, poke with a fork
Hold you down and step all over, crush
Leggo leggo
On top of your head, on top of your head x2
I’m combat
Your crew, squad, clique, whatever Massacre, Al Capone style
On top of your head
On top of your head, everyone praising
I compose, write, do everything And I have fun on stage
How are you so good? I answer with modesty
Hehe, hehe, I’m fucking born with it yo
Does that hurt your feelings? But I don’t care how you feel
Fuck ya feelings, fuck ya people haha
I’m the chief, you’re the servant You clean up so well, you must be a bidet
I’m up, you’re down EXID lalala
You ask why I say I didn’t diss when I did
But you don’t know me, sir I’m the type to point out exactly (B-Free)
Oh, congrats on winning
Hey, do you know a song called Hot Summer1)B-Free ‘Hot Summer’ –
Of course!
Hot summer, hot hot summer summer! – f(x)2)San E shrugs off B-Free’s hit track and acknowledges f(x) track ‘Hot Summer’
I’m forever on top of your head

Verse 2 (MC GREE)
Show and prove in 4 months I’ve got a long way to go
But now I’m young and baby face
Yes, my father’s a blessing But don’t overlook my nosebleeds
Why should I give up because of you While you sit there criticizing with your keyboard
It will only make me stronger Kanye West
Suckers mentioning my name Just to put out their anger
Suckers, I was born with it So say it out loud, GREE
My fame and reputation My connections and surroundings
Want to change your fates? I own your dreams
On top of your head I’m not into rotten things
Don’t be jealous of me Get going on your own way (on fleek)
There’s one thing setting you all apart from San E
San E and GREE, everyone knows us

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