RICO - Panorama (album cover)

RICO releases ‘Panorama’ EP and ‘Don’t Talk to Me (Feat. BLOO)’ MV

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Rico of daze alive has released the EP ‘Panorama’ and its title track’s music video. This mini album is the second part of his ‘White Light Panorama’ LP.

RICO‘s first full-length album ‘The Slow Tape‘ was nominated for Best R&B/Soul Album and Song at the 13th Korean Music Awards. About a month ago he released ‘WHITE LIGHT‘, the first part of his second full-length album. This mini album titled ‘Panorama’ is the LP’s second part.

While the first part boasted vintage analog sounds, this second part contains trendy sounds like trap soul and future R&B, as well as low tone rap-singing and captivating falsettos. Rico’s label mate Don Malik acted as main producer, SLEEQ features on the first track and helped writing the lyrics for tracks two and five.

Further participating artists include veteran rapper Verbal Jint, MKIT RAIN’s rising star BLOO, GooseBumps who produced LOCO‘s ‘Movie Shoot‘, singer Daul who is part of Jinbo‘s Superfreak Crew, up-and-coming R&B singer-songwriter NUZ, and rookie beatmaker Lionclad.

Along with the release of this mini album, Rico’s second full-length album ‘WHITE LIGHT PANORAMA’ is being released on CD. It contains sixteen tracks, part of which are exclusively available on CD: ‘All I Want’ on which SLEEQ sings, ‘Already Know’ which is the full version of the song ‘Interlude’ off ‘WHITE LIGHT’, Rico’s signature track ‘Think I’m in Love’, or the remix of ‘Like This’.

Scroll down to preview ‘Panorama’ and to watch the music video for the title track ‘Don’t Talk to Me (Feat. BLOO)’!

‘Panorama’ Track List & Credits:
  1. Pistol Bae (Feat. Verbal Jint, SLEEQ)
    Written by SLEEQ, Verbal Jint
    Composed by KINGBNJMN, Rico
    Arranged by Jnkfood
  2. Vanish
    Written by SLEEQ, Rico
    Composed and arranged by GooseBumps
  3. Don’t Talk to Me (Feat. BLOO) TITLE
    Written by Don Malik, BLOO, Rico
    Composed and arranged by Lionclad
    Vocals arranged by Rico
    Vocal tuning by jhnovr
    MV directed by Hypnos
  4. 마지막이야 (Last Dance) TITLE
    Written by Don Malik
    Composed by Daul, Rico
    Arranged by Daul
  5. Everything
    Written by Don Malik, SLEEQ, Rico
    Composed by NUZ, Rico
    Arranged by NUZ

Executive Producer: DAZE ALIVE
Album Producers: Rico & Don Malik
Recording Engineer: EachONE at Hottest Ever Studio
Mixing & Mastering Engineer: Nahzam Sue at 쑥고개 III Studio
Art Direction & Design: Row Digga #TheManBehindCovers
Photography: Monsieur Ato
Management: DAZE ALIVE

‘Panorama’ Preview:

Ein Beitrag geteilt von RICO (@rnbboyrico) am

‘Don’t Talk to Me’ MV:

Follow RICO:


Source: Mnet

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