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Rex.D releases MV for ‘더 BAD’

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Rapper Rex.D has released the music video for ‘더 BAD’ today, for which he had to stop filming due to being hospitalized because of leukemia. Many people were sad as it has recently been made known that Rex.D, who has worked on his latest album until right before he was hospitalized, has leukemia.
His label Romantic Factory revealed that Rex.D was diagnosed and hospitalized right before the second day of filming for ‘더 BAD’. They felt that it was right to show the fans the video he has worked on with all of his might, unaware of his illness. Therefore, they released the music video although it is not complete.
The song is playing an important part in Rex.D’s recently released double single, and actually, it was the song which Rex.D had made to perform live if he had gotten until Show Me The Money 4’s competitions on stage.
Luckily, Rex.D, who has begun treatment, has been diagnosed [only] with the first stage of chronic leukemia, so after leaving the hospital he will be treated with medication. He is very thankful for the fans’ support and encouragement, and wants to repay it by getting better as soon as possible.




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