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Rex.D releases first single after overcoming leukemia: ‘한번 봤는데 (Feat. d.ear)’

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Rex.D, who received a lot of support last year when he was diagnosed with leukemia, has overcome the illness and is now preparing for his comeback into the music scene. The first step is his new single ‘한번 봤는데 [Saw Her Once] (Feat. d.ear)’.

Although she is not a celebrity, she has over several thousand followers. He only saw her once, yet he cannot forget her. These feelings are what this song is about. Rex.D raps on a beat with both an acoustic and an up-to-date hiphop sound, and is supported by singer d.ear, who has gained a lot of fans through the single ‘너를 그리다’.

Producer Jin Daeho, with who Rex.D has been working together frequently since ‘TO VIOLET’, has produced the song this time again. d.ear’s refined vocals singing Rex.D’s melody and the harmony between Rex.D’s rapping and beat: this song is going to captivate you.

Credits :
한번 봤는데 [Saw Her Once] (Feat. d.ear)
Composed by Rex.D, Jin Daeho (Punch Sound)
Lyrics by Rex.D
Arranged by Jin Daeho (Punch Sound)
Additional chorus by 디어 (d.ear)
Mixed by Kim Dae Hyun at Headbang Studio
Executively produced by Mr.Black of Romantic City
Mastering by Kwon Namwoo at JFS Mastering
Promotion director, manager: Park Joonyoung
A&R/Marketing by Park Joonyoung
SNS marketing by Park Joonyoung, Oh Sanghyup
Art direction & design by JWWORKS
MV directed by Ha Junghoon of NEVERMIND


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Source: ROKHipHop