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Respected by MC Meta: Ban blank releases single ‘City Dreams’

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Rapper Ban blank has released the single ‘City Dreams’ for the second episode of M2’s Respect series with “Master” MC Meta.

Respect‘ is a new M2 YouTube series hosted by Huckleberry P in which “South Korea’s greatest rappers” introduce rappers they respect. In the first episode, Deepflow introduced ODEE. The second episode features MC Meta as the “Master” who expresses his respect for Ban blank. Watch it below for an interview with MC Meta (exclusive English translation below the video) and Ban blank performing ‘City Dreams’ live.

In ‘특별시 Dreams (City Dreams)‘, Ban blank from Busan raps about his determination to make his dreams come true in Seoul, about the reasons why he has to succeed, and about his confidence to overcome anything in his way in order to keep going.

‘City Dreams’ on iTunes

Lyrics written by Ban blank
Composed and arranged by SCARY’P, Walkman, E.D

[Intro] MC Meta: He’s a rapper who can shock you.
[Text] Which rappers do the greatest rappers of South Korea respect?

Huckleberry P: Hello
Meta: Hello.

Huck P: We’re seeing each other often. Thank you very much for agreeing to participate in this.
Meta: The title of the program is ‘Respect’, and I think ‘respect’ is a word that is valuable regardless of the generation, age, or any other specifics that could be used to discriminate. You (points at Huck P) are a person I respect in this aspect, so of course I had to participate.

Huck P: Thank you. Since you already mentioned it, what is ‘respect’ for you?
Meta: It is the most basic energy, the starting point of doing and enjoying hiphop music.

Huck P: Who is the rapper you respect?
Meta: At first [after being invited to this show] various rappers came to mind. Regardless of their age, they all have excellent rap skills. I did have to think about it [TN: which rapper to choose] for some time. However, there’s this rapper I’ve observed closely and who has a good tone [of voice]. Using a flower as a metaphor, he hasn’t bloomed yet. If he does, he’ll be incredible. Personally, I think his face looks a bit more handsome than mine. He reminds [me] of a model. There were several reasons that led me to think that he is the right person to introduce on this show. His name is Ban blank.

Huck P: Ban blank has been rapping for quite a while now.
Meta: Yes.
Huck P: I’ve observed him for a long time and he’s one of very few musicians I consider myself close with.
Meta: Weren’t the two of you drunk that time?
Huck P: We were drunk often, especially me … Concerts in smaller towns tend to have very hearty after-parties.
Meta: You’re actually performing just for the sake of the after-party, no …?
Huck P: (claps) That’s about it!

Meta: Now, let’s listen to the new track of Ban blank, the rapper I respect!
Huck P: Yeah! Woo!
Meta: Yeah!

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Source: Mnet

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