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Recent tracks by Loopy, InnoVator, CHANGMO, and Jerry.k

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Listen to four new tracks which were recently uploaded on SoundCloud by Loopy featuring nafla, InnoVator, Changmo, and Jerry.k.

Words by Loopy, nafla
Produced by Louis Maui


Written by InnoVator
Composed by leganix




Original track: Lee Sunghwan – 가만히 있으라 (Stay Still) [Tragedy of the Era]

Note by Jerry.k: I had the chance to listen to this song before its release, I was greatly inspired by the resonance of the short sentences, wrote the lyrics right on the spot and then recorded it.
Through the below link, you can participate too.

(Anyone can ask for permission and then use the instrumental of Lee Seunghwan’s song to record their own tribute to the victims of the Sewol Ferry tragedy and their families. The instrumental may not be used for other purposes.)