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Recent music videos by Doplamingo, niahn, Roci Eycko, Groove Chance & Vintage Chord

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Check out these four music videos which have come out recently.

Cream Funk‘ is the first single of Doplamingo’s single project ‘Buster Call’. The music video was directed by KOINRUSH (INSP x SUIKO) and was revealed on April 28.

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On May 4, Roci Eycko of HMNTR (Human Nature) has revealed the music video for his tracks ‘INTRODUCE ll’ and ‘IT’S LIT (雪[Snow])’ off his upcoming album ‘RADICAL CHILD’. The video was created by Roci Eycko’s art team CA+RM (Calm + Radical) and directed by ARREADY.

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LA-based artist niahn (늬안) has released the music video for his track ‘HSAB (허수아비 (Scarecrow) pt.2)’ on May 8.
The track is for people who are hesitant, telling them to just go for it. 42 Crew’s Louis Maui has produced it while the music video was directed by Dantayspeak.

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The music video for Groove Chance & Vintage Chord’s track ‘TAPE_rec’ off their album ‘Objeten’ has come out on May 9.
Groove Chance debuted in August 2015 with the full-length album ‘I Have A Story‘. He got together with producer Vintage Chord of Timesellerz Crew for the one MC, one producer album ‘Objeten’. The full-length album is made up of ten tracks and one bonus track, and is Vintage Chord’s debut album as a producer. Each song tells of one object that has influenced the music of one of the two artists. The album was recently released on CD and is going to be released officially tomorrow, May 11. A free listening session will take place on May 13. There, they will perform a few tracks live, including ‘TAPE_rec’ featuring Fana.

If you’re in Korea and would like to go to the listening session, you can apply for it by filling out this form (in Korean).

Listening Session Details

Date and Time: May 13 (Fri), 7:30 p.m.
Place: concert venue ‘광진교 8번가’ (directions in the above form)

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