LEDO - Find You (album cover)

R&B singer LEDO debuts with ‘보여 (Find You) (Feat. DANDI)’

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Newcomer LEDO has released his first single and music video today.

Under the name of ‘Decalcomanie’, LEDO has made a soccer-themed track that was pretty popular among soccer fans. He also featured on Brand Newjiq‘s album ‘Love Letter‘ as part of WBZ (Wurrup Boyz, 워럽보이즈), a three-member group that Hoody previously planned to produce.
In LEDO’s first single ‘보여 (Find You)‘ the singer is searching for someone as if possessed, expressing the thirst for a person he fell for at first sight or someone he has engraved deep in his heart.
The track also features rapper DanDi, the producer of the ‘귀요미송’ who also participated in SMTM.

Check out the song in the music video below!

‘Find You’ on iTunes

Executive Producer: DanDi a.k.a Dandi Recordz
Produced by LEDO
Composed by LEDO, Cash Note
Lyrics by LEDO, DanDi
Arranged by Cash Note
Art Direction & Design: Wayne
Marketing & Online Promotion: Dandi Recordz
Recorded by Dandi Recordz
Recording Enginner: Dandi Recordz
Sound Editing: 키맨 (Keyman)
Mixing & Mastering: Cosmic Sound

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Source: Mnet