Rapper SEAN L returns with new single and MV ‘KIMOCHII’

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Rapper SEAN L who featured on N-Sun’s “날라올라” at the beginning of this year, has released a new single titled ‘KIMOCHII”.

션엘프로필사진SEAN L has been featured on several Korean TV shows since 2009, for example on SBS Inkigayo or on Mnet, and he has received attention for giving up his US-American citizenship and serving in the South Korean military. In 2013, he released “몽중인 (Dream in Dream) feat. Park Sunjoo”, and in 2014 he was the first Korean to release an album in Spain and Brazil with his track “봉봉 (Bong Bong)”. SEAN L also produced and wrote martial arts fighter Kwon Ah-Sol’s entrance theme and has been introduced in KPop magazines in the US, Europe, and Japan. He is a rapper and musician with many talents, as he does not only produce and write lyrics, he can also sing, rap freestyle, and play the piano.

“KIMOCHII” is Japanese for “Feels good” and is a trap song, a hiphop genre which is currently popular all over the world. Since SEAN L is living in a rooftop apartment, the lyrics deal with that subject as well as with his hopes and aspirations for the near future. The track features Holmes Crew’s leader Shupie and Silly Boot. The music video was filmed by EK Entertainment’s CEO Kim Bumsoo himself, while SEAN L directed it. Watch it below!

SEAN L has been making music of the genres EDM, Reggaeton, Reggae, Dirty South, Club Tune, Slow Jam, East Coast, and more, so look forward to his upcoming releases!

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Overall director: SEAN L
Beat: Shupie
Rap: SEAN L, Shupie, Silly Boot
Lyrics: SEAN L, Shupie, Silly Boot
Mixing & mastering: Shupie
Director of photography: Kim Bumsoo (김범수), CEO of EK Company
Video editing: Lee Dongjoon (이동준)


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