PNO - Cloud9 (cover)

Tracklist of producer PNO’s debut album ‘Cloud9’ revealed

In Albums, Music Release by Minjin Ko

PNO is a producer and audio engineer who is currently actively working with various artists in LA.

 His upcoming debut album to be released on the coming 12th, shows PNO’s bright music world, and features up and coming rapper and vocalist Fuzzy, Joey Chan, a member of Long Beach’s ABCMG, and dantayspeak, videographer of MKITRAIN. PNO is currently immersed in producing tracks of a completely different style for his second album. He plans on going to Korea in March to work with the Korean artists for one year.

1. Don’t Know Why(feat. Fuzzy,Joey Chang)
2. How You Like (feat.Joey Chang, Fuzzy)
3. Hang Of It(feat.Joey Chang,FlyWayne)
4. Maybe Its You(feat. Fuzzy)
5. Struggle Hustle(Feat.Fuzzy, Joey Chang, Jason Chu)
6. Something In The Deep In (feat. Fuzzy)
7. Dream(feat. Jason Chu)
8. Run Away(feat.Fuzzy)
9. Tell Me(Feat. Fuzzy)
10. Hello(feat.Leon Lee(The Voice,God Talent))