Code Kunst - Crumple (cover)

Producer Code Kunst reveals tracklist for second full-length album ‘Crumple’

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Producer Code Kunst recently revealed the tracklist with a sneak preview of audio clips for his upcoming second full-length album titled ‘Crumple’ featuring an array of hip-hop artists.

The following artists are featured in Code Kunst’s album: Wutan, CJAMM, Nucksal, Giriboy, Ugly Duck, Geegu In and Hangzoo of Rhythm Power, Don Mills, Paloalto, Donutman, Owen Ovadoz, Blnktime, Baetsagong, Jayho, Mayson The Soul, New Champ, Hwaji, Resemi, and Ja Mezz. The album artwork is illustrated by artist Seft.

[Crumple] will drop on April 28 through various music portal sites, and offline release will drop on May 6 through the HIPHOPPLAYA music store.

Code Kunst – [Crumple] track list

  1. Rap Conert (Feat.우탄)(Intro)
  2. Golden Cow (Feat.C Jamm. DJ SQ)
  3. Good Bye Novel (Skit)
  4. 에디슨(Feat.넉살)
  5. Dig Me! (Feat. Ja Mezz)
  6. Queen (Feat.Blnk-time)
  7. 나만의 룰 (Feat. Giriboy,Ugly Duck)
  8. Directors (Feat.Don mills, Jeegu In & Hangzoo of Rhythm Power)
  9. 그렇다고 (Feat. Paloalto)
  10. 1218
  11. What I Feel (Feat. Donutman, Owen Ovadoz)
  12. 눈먼자들의 도시 (Feat. Nucksal)
  13. Love Scene (Feat. Mayson the Soul)
  14. 미도 (Feat. Blnk-time, Baetsagong, Jayho of Legit Goonz)
  15. Dope (Interlude)
  16. Life is Crazy (Feat. New Champ)
  17. 주소 (Feat. Hwaji)
  18. Thank you & Fxxk you (Outro)
  19. (Bonus) Overdose(Feat. Rosemi )
  20. (Bonus) 병뚜껑