Primary & Ohhyuk - Bawling / Gondry (공드리) MV screenshots

Primary and Oh Hyuk release MVs for ‘Bawling’ and ‘Gondry (공드리)’

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Read about Primary and Ohhyuk’s collaborative tracks ‘Bawling‘ and ‘Gondry‘ from the upcoming album [Lucky You!]

“We think we’re all different, but we’re all about the same. So we laugh and cry about the same things, relating to and agreeing with the same things. This song takes on a different perspective to everyday things we do, like saying goodbye to loved ones, pitying ourselves in exhaustion, holding back our loneliness, and pushing to always be happy. This album could be depressing, or it could be encouraging. Either way, good luck to you.” [Source: 1theK YouTube]

“Bawling” is about a coincidental encounter of an ex-couple. The guy reminisces about the not so pure but naïve past.

‘Gondry (공드리) (feat. Kim Yelim)’ is dedicated to a French film director named Michel Gondry, noted by the artistic style illustrated from the music video.

[ Source | HIPHOPPLAYA, 1theK ]