POY - 정릉 (cover)

POY releases new single ‘정릉’ (Jeongneung)

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Rapper POY of A-Knock Crew who has recently been active as part of DooKID & POY has released a new single titled ‘정릉 [Jeongneung] (Feat. Jin Joonwang)’.
‘정릉 [Jeongneung]’ is about the stories POY experienced when he lived in Jeongneung in the Seongbuk District from the age of 15 until 23. The track expresses his longing for the happiness he felt when he had just turned from a teenager into an adult.

The song was produced by ABeatz who POY has worked with several times before, and it features Jin Joonwang (진준왕) who is proving his skills lately through a lot of releases. The cover photo was taken by POY’s fellow crew member Zoo, and the artwork was made by another one of his crew members, EL.JM.

Listen to the track below and also look forward to DooKID & POY’s EP that is coming September 25!

Executive producers: POY, ABeatz
Composer: ABeatz
Arranger: ABeatz
Lyrics by POY, Jin Joonwang (진준왕)
Rap by POY, Jin Joonwang (진준왕)
Drums, keyboard, bass, synthesizer, FX: ABeatz
Recording engineers: POY, Jin Joonwang (진준왕), P2ter Yoo
Mixing and mastering engineer: ABeatz @ ABeatz Muzic
Artwork designer: EL.JM
Photo by Zoo



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Source: ROKHipHop