POY - Hip Hop Bob Marley (cover)

Poy releases first mixtape ‘Hip Hop Bob Marley’

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A-Knock Crew’s POY has released his first mixtape ‘Hip Hop Bob Marley’. Read on for a preview, music video, and download link!

With ‘Hip Hop Bob Marley’, POY clearly expresses his story and his colors. The concept is ‘reggae meets hip hop’. In the tracks, the mixtape’s cover and the music video, POY shows the impressions he wanted to include for the concept.

POY’s mixtape obviously has the wholehearted support of all the A-Knock Crew members.
DooKID and Odd Freak featured and directed the music video, Belfast and Boas designed the cover and the CD, Zoo shoot the music video, took the photo for the album cover, and more. The mixtape shows all the crew members’ skills.

As for the featurings, there is singer $ang$ang who has shown outstanding skills at the Super Rookie Challenge some time ago, charming singer Nam Yoonjin, crew mates Odd Freak and DooKID, Errday who has proved his skills with his recent EP and at concerts, skilled crew KINGdumbs’ D-Hack and Spitz, Fabrik Musik’s Bray and 912 Crew’s Tangent who have won the Super Rookie Challenge together, and lastly MBM_Music’s GimGABB who has already worked with POY before.

Below, you can preview the mixtape, listen to the full track ‘Riddim’, and watch the music video for ‘5 O’clock’!
If you like what you hear, download the mixtape!


Track list:
01. Riddim
02. GO (Feat. $ang$ang)
03. 나 [Me] (Hello)
04. Reggae Ya Man (Feat. Odd Freak)
05. 5 O’clock (Feat. Nam Yoonjin)
06. 연애의 발견 (Discovery of Romance)
07. Sexy Guy (나나) [NaNa] (Feat. Errday)
08. Livin’ in Reggae (Feat. D-Hack)
10. Reggae 해 [Do Reggae] (Feat. Bray)
11. Reggae Ya Man (Falcom Remix Ver.) (Feat. GimGABB, Spitz, Tangent)
12. 천국에서 [In Heaven] (Bonus Track)

Mixtape credits:

Produced, mixed and mastered by POY
Artwork by Belfast, Boas

Music video credits:
Directed by POY
Shot by Zoo



Music video: POY – 5 O’clock (Feat. Nam Yoonjin)



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