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Ping N Pong release project album and videotape

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Ping N Pong (핑앤퐁) is a project group made up of Superfreak Records’ graphic artist Rarebirth and beatmaker Viann. In the beginning of 2014, the two had one release per week via their respective social network accounts, 10 releases all in all. That was the first season of their project. With the cooperation of VISLA magazine, season 2 started which features at least one more artist per track and a video too. Just like season 1, this season is made up of 10 tracks but progressed over the course of one year.

To celebrate the second season, VISLA released all tracks on the album ‘Ping N Pong’. The first track ‘Camilla Akrans’ features violinist Tunnelno5, followed by featurings from ODEE, PNSB, Nucksal, Don Mills, Ugly Duck, Qim Isle, Kirin, Quandol, Killah Song, Juwon Lee, Roci Eycko, Sean2slow, Tequan, Joystick, and Playback.

A VHS videotape which contains all the music and visuals of season 2 is being sold as well via VISLA’s online store. An interview with Ping N Pong’s two members Rarebirth and Viann will soon be revealed via VISLA’s website too.

01. Camilla Akrans (Feat. Tunnelno5)
02. Peel Off Skin (Feat. ODEE)
03. Comfuture (Feat. PNSB)
04. The City / Hasoogoo (Feat. Nucksal, Don Mills)
05. Honeysuckle Blues Remix (Feat. Qim Isle)
06. 허무 [Vain] (Feat. Ugly Duck)
07. JAM Remix (Feat. Kirin) (VISLA Magazine ONLY)
08. Broken That Fountain (Feat. Killahsong, Quandol & Juwon Lee)
09. Trilluminati (Feat. Roci Eycko)
10. Flashback (Feat. Sean2slow, Tequan, Playback & Joystick)

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