PENTO - VERSE 2 (cover art)

PENTO releases single ‘VERSE 2’

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After a break of two years, PENTO is making a comeback with the digital single ‘VERSE 2’.

After his contract with “쥬스 ENT” (Juice ENT) has ended, PENTO is now working independently, which marks the beginning of a new chapter for the artist as he will release all the albums and songs that he could not release until this point.

About a week ago, he started by revealing ‘one at a time‘ via SoundCloud. The single ‘VERSE 2‘ is a hiphop track that sounds like the early dawn and shows off PENTO’s signature sticky rap over a groovy beat.


Produced by PENTO
Composed by PENTO
Lyrics written by PENTO
Recorded by Studio Kicks
Mixed and mastered by Jisun Noh at Studio Kicks

You can preview the track via Korean music portals, for example >Mnet<. Simply click on the white & pink ‘듣기’ (listen) button and wait for the one-minute preview to play (it opens in a pop-up window, ignore the message that pops up inside).
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Source: Mnet