Park Myungho - Bed Room (cover)

Park Myungho releases digital single ‘Bed Room (Feat. Gary, Digiri, Sungtae of Postman)’

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Rapper and producer Park Myungho returns with the digital single ‘침대구석 (Bed Room)’, a song about love.

Tracklist and Credits:
  1. 침대구석 Bed Room (Feat. Gary, Digiri, Sungtae of Postman)
    Composed by Park Myungho, Gary, Superfly
    Lyrics by Park Myungho, Gary, Digiri, Superfly
    Arranged by Park Myungho, Superfly
  2. 침대구석 Bed Room (Inst.)

‘침대구석’ (lit.: in a corner of the bed) is a song about a man who coincidentally discovers traces of a past love in his daily life and then realizes that that past love is in the end not love but a memory. Park Myungho, Leessang’s Gary, Honey Family’s Digiri, and Postman’s Sungtae all describe little pieces of memories of their own past loves. The track has a soulful retro groove to it and its lyrics about true stories are nearly completely in Korean, representing Park Myungho’s so-called “Korean-style reality hiphop.” The instruments were played by members of the band ‘The East Light’ which became popular through Immortal Songs.
With this new single Park Myungho has resumed his music activities, so look forward to more albums to come!

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Sources: Mnet, Naver Music