Owen Ovadoz - P.O.E.M (cover)

Owen Ovadoz releases ‘P.O.E.M’ and title track ‘hip hop’ MV

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On the 15th, Owen Ovadoz released the official mix-tape [P.O.E.M].

The title of the mix-tape [P.O.E.M] besides meaning straight up “poem,” also means “Piece of Evolutionary Mind” to Owen Ovadoz.

In this mix-tape, Illionaire Record’s The Quiett took part in producing, mixing, and mastering. Many artists are featured including Paloalto and Okasian from Hi-Lite Records, ELO from AOMG, and LA-based rappers nafla and Loopy. Producers include Prima Vista, who produced Illionaire’s ‘YGGR,’ Groovy Room, and Joe Rhee, who released a project album with Owen Ovadoz.

Check out the MV for ‘hip hop’ below!

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