OSAMARI - 왔다 (Comin' At Ya) cover and tracklist

OSAMARI release double single and MV ‘왔다 (Comin’ At Ya)’

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OSAMARI Crew, which are Qwala, Frogman and Walter, have released a double single and the music video for the track ‘왔다 (Comin’ At Ya)’.

This is the first official release of the OSAMARI Crew who have been creating vintage sounds since 2015. With this single album and music video, they show off their very own style. The tracks were composed by Joe Venec and Lucid Soundz, while the music video was directed by Legit Goons’ director Cocky.

Tracklist and credits
  1. 왔다 (Comin’ At Ya)
    Produced by Joe Venec, Qwala
    Lyrics by Qwala, Frogman, Walter
    Mixed & Mastered by 187
    Video Directed by Cocky
  2. 타 (We Should Go)
    Produced by Lucid Soundz, Qwala
    Lyrics by Frogman, Walter
    Mixed & Mastered by 187
    Artwork by Walter

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