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Olltii releases single ‘무중력’ [Zero Gravity]

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ADV’s Olltii has released the maxi single ‘무중력’ [Zero Gravity] today.

Yesterday, he has revelead an interesting teaser video (watch it below) for the single’s first track. The second track is a remake of ‘외행성 [Superior Planet]’ off Olltii’s 2012 mixtape ‘Rappin’ OLLday’. The spacy and hollow sounds give off a feel as if being in a vacuum, it is a completely new side to Olltii’s music. As usual, he delivers outstanding punchlines. He receives support from Dalchong, singer of the group Cheeze, and from the group Jacoby Planet, famous for appearing on Superstar K7.

The single is available on iTunes.

Tracklist and credits:
01. 무중력 [Zero Gravity] (Feat. 달총 [Dalchong] of Cheeze, Jacoby Planet)
Lyrics by Olltii Click here to read the translated lyrics
Composed by Jacoby, Olltii
Arranged by Jacoby Planet
02. 외행성 [Superior Planet] (Feat. Suda)
Lyrics by Olltii, Suda
Composed by MGFC
Arranged by MGFC



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