ODEE - RESPECT (cover art)

ODEE releases ‘John Doe Remix’ for ‘Respect’ series

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Rapper ODEE has released a remix of his track ‘John Doe’ which was produced by BUGGY for the new ‘Respect’ series.

Respect‘ is a new M2 YouTube series hosted by Huckleberry P in which “South Korea’s greatest rappers” introduce rappers they respect. The first episode features Deepflow who introduces VMC’s ODEE.

In ‘John Doe‘, ODEE declares his plans even if people don’t know who he is. The song originally was part of ODEE’s debut EP ‘SLY‘. This remix version includes the same lyrics on a different track, remixed by VMC’s BUGGY who also produced the original one.

Check out the first episode of ‘Respect’ along with our exclusive translation of Huckleberry P and Deepflow’s interview (below the video, click to expand).


Produced by BUGGY
Lyrics written by ODEE
Arranged by BUGGY
Recorded by BUGGY at VMC STUDIO
Mixed & mastered by BRASCO at UDS STUDIO

[Intro] Deepflow: Even an old lady who’s passing by can tell that this guy can rap …
[Text] Which rappers do the greatest rappers of South Korea respect?

Huckleberry P: As a first-generation rapper, what are the difficulties and positive aspects as the CEO of a label?
Deep: Each hiphop musician has a different set of values, but I think hiphop belongs to the youth. I am a young person too at the moment, but I figured that I won’t be able to keep doing this [TN: rapping] so actively for very long. Also, once I find my rap uncool, I will quit rapping. This [TN: being a CEO, producing] is a safety net for that time. Plus, producing feels more rewarding and fun recently. I’ve had a natural change of mind and of my area of work.

Huck P: Your participating in SCHOOL RAPPER came a bit unexpected, how come you decided to participate?
Deep: Operating a label for nearly three years, I’ve tried all kinds of things. The time came that I thought I needed a different type of promotion, plus all members of Vismajor are nearing their thirties, so … I also consider hiphop a music for the youth, so the older we became, the more I thought that VMC needed new, young members. Naturally, I thought that I’d find a young rapper for my label on the show. There were several reasons for which I decided to participate.

Huck P: So, did you find an artist to sign?
Deep: Unexpectedly many artists, I’m currently in contact with a few you’d never guess. I prefer making something out of an artist who has sleeping potential over an artist who is already established. It feels more like I’m painting a picture.

Huck P: Which advantages do newcomers have? What do you find great, what can you learn from them?
Deep: Watching them, I’m reminded of myself at that age. That passion reminds me, “Ah, I also liked hiphop because of that.” There is one thing I find that they’re lacking though: They don’t care as much, they’re not as passionate about rhymes as we were back then. If those young rappers used the tool “rhyming” better, their rap would get much better too.

Huck P: What do you think of when you hear the word “respect?”
Deep: In its use in hiphop, I started feeling that word in high school thanks to Infinite Flow. They used that word a lot in their hiphop music. So, for me, “respect” is a synonym for “hiphop.”

Huck P: You, as the master …
Deep: “Master?”
Huck P: The godfather of hiphop.
Deep: Ah, I really don’t like that.
Huck P: (laughs) As the master MC, please tell us about the rapper you’re introducing today.
Deep: Today I’d like to introduce VMC Crew’s youngest member ODEE. Even though he is the youngest, he doesn’t look like it. (Huck P laughs) His rap skills aren’t those of the youngest either.
Huck P: Wow!
Deep: Anyone can hear that he’s got quite an overwhelming tone of voice and structure [in his rapping], anyone can recognize that he’s good at rap. He’s got so many strengths that even an old lady who’s passing by can tell that this guy can rap. (Huck P laughs) So I suggest giving him a listen.
Huck P: Alright.
Deep: ODEE!
Huck P: Yeah!

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Source: Mnet

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