ODEE releases debut album ‘SLY’ and MV ‘Open Ending’

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VMC’s “fresh blood” ODEE has released his first EP album ‘SLY‘ today along with the title track’s music video.

The album is made up of eight tracks that were all produced by BUGGY. Plus featurings by Nucksal, Don Mills, Wutan, Hwaji, and MBA ek. The music video for ‘Open Ending’ is already out, and a hilarious teaser for the upcoming music video for ‘Drop (Feat. Nucksal)’ as well. Both music videos feature VMC artists.

‘ODEE – SLY’ on iTunes
  1. Open Ending
    Lyrics by ODEE | Produced and arranged by BUGGY
  2. Underdog (feat. Don Mills & Wutan)
    Lyrics by ODEE, Don Mills, Wutan | Produced and arranged by BUGGY
  3. Fleek (feat. MBA ek)
    Lyrics by ODEE, MBA ek | Produced and arranged by BUGGY
  4. S.L.Y. (Still Look Young) (feat. Hwaji)
    Lyrics by ODEE, Hwaji | Produced and arranged by BUGGY | Chorus by VEN

  5. Drop (feat. Nucksal)
    Lyrics by ODEE, Nucksal | Produced and arranged by BUGGY
  6. John Doe
    Lyrics by ODEE | Produced and arranged by BUGGY
  7. Deja Vu
    Lyrics by ODEE | Produced and arranged by BUGGY
  8. 삼부자 (The Three Rich)
    Lyrics by ODEE | Produced and arranged by BUGGY | Saxophone by Eunjae of NP UNION

Executive Producers: ODEE, BUGGY, Deepflow, Row Digga
Co-Producer: VMC
Production/A&R: VMC & STONESHIP
Recording Engineer: BUGGY @ 불가마 (Bulgama) STUDIO
Mixing & Mastering Engineer: R-EST @ Sound Wave
A&R Director: Sul Chanwoo
A&R Management: Lim Heejung
A&R Assistance: Kim Sang-yoon, Kim Jungdong, Lee Donglim
Artist Management: Lim Heejung, Kim Sang-yoon, Lee Donglim
Art Direction: Row Digga #TheManBehindCovers
Illustration: 마도로스 킴 (Madoros Kim)
Artwork & Design: Row Digga #TheManBehindCovers
Styling: BassHammer
MV Directors: Deepflow (dir. Open Ending), Suh Donghyuk @ FLEV (dir. Drop)

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Source: Mnet