ODB - ODB Part 2: Move Da Culture (cover)

ODB release mixtape ‘ODB Part 2: Move Da Culture’

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The hiphop duo ODB (Debi and Owen Ovadoz) have released their second mixtape ‘ODB Part 2: Move Da Culture’, the second part to their mixtape ‘ODB Part 1: ODB’.

The mixtape was produced by Rattatt, and mixed and mastered by JDD Studio’s P2ter. It contains featurings by pH-1, Grandline Entertainment’s Ja Mezz and DJ Tiz.
You can download the album here or listen to it on SoundCloud or YouTube (below).

06. Book of Rhymes (feat. DJ Tiz)
07. Guidance (feat. pH-1)
08. Keep It In Da Roots
09. 주몽 [Jumong].
10. Saga Continues (feat. Ja Mezz)

Produced by Rattatt
Lyrics by Debi, Owen Ovadoz, pH-1, Ja Mezz
Scratched by DJ Tiz
Mixed by P2ter @ JDD Studio
Mastered by P2ter @ JDD Studio
Artwork by Radio Boi


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Sources: hiphople, hiphopplaya
Translation: hiphopkr