Nucksal - The God of Small Things (cover)

Nucksal reveals ‘팔지않아’ off ‘The God of Small Things’ free to listen in advance

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One week before the release of his first full-length album ‘The God of Small Things’, Nucksal has just revealed the track ‘팔지않아’ [Not Selling] off the album, free to listen in advance.

This is the second pre-release after ‘Skill Skill Skill‘. ‘팔지않아’ [Not Selling] was produced by Deepfry and you can listen to it via SoundCloud. The hook goes:
Not selling, I won’t ever sell my soul cheaply
I don’t live as a dog on a leash, I live as a wolf
Not selling, wisdom like this is not sold in books
Trivial? Fuck you, I am not at all familiar with words like that

Nucksal’s first full-length album ‘작은 것들의 신 (The God of Small Things)’ is being released on February 4.


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