Nucksal - The God of Small Things (album cover)

Nucksal releases first full-length album ‘The God of Small Things’ and MV

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VMC’s Nucksal has released his first full-length album ‘The God of Small Things (작은 것들의 신)’ both online and offline today, along with the music video for the title track ‘팔지 않아’ [Not Selling].

The album is made up of twelve tracks and features VMC’s Deepflow, Wutan, Don Mills and ODEE, as well as Paloalto, MC Meta, Hwaji, Chaboom, Koonta, Bassagong, DJ WEGUN and DJ YTst. On top of that, the tracks were produced by CODE KUNST, MGFC (Jun Beck & Deepfry), ASSBRASS, Mild Beats, TK, BUGGY, 4KAPAS, Authentic, and Animato. All in all, over 20 people contributed to the album.

The music video for the track ‘밥값’ was directed by VMC’s “big brother” Deepflow personally (watch it below). Tomorrow (February 5) at 7pm KST, the music video for the album’s first track, which is also its second title track, ‘팔지 않아’ [Not Selling] will be released. The GDW team was in charge of its production.

‘The God of Small Things (작은 것들의 신)’ was mixed and mastered by nahzamsue, the main artwork done by Row Digga, the calligraphy by Choi Jiyun of 1901 Studio, the photos by Boobagraphy, production and A&R by STONESHIP.

‘The God of Small Things’ is now available on iTunes.

Tracklist (English iTunes titles in brackets):
01. 팔지 않아 (NFS) (title) MV
02. Make It Slow (Feat. DJ YTst)
03. Skill Skill Skill (Feat. DJ Wegun)
05. 악당출현 (The Villains) (Feat. ODEE, Deepflow, Don Mills, Wutan)
06. 올가미 (Set Up)
07. 밥값 (Earn Ya Keep) (Feat. Koonta)
08. I Got Bills
09. 얼굴 붉히지 말자구요 (No Red Face) (Feat. Don Mills, Bassagong)
10. HOOD (Feat. Hwaji, Chaboom)
11. Do It For (Feat. Paloalto, MC Meta)
12. 작은 것들의 신 (The God of Small Things) (title)

Executive producers: Deepflow, Suk Chanwoo
Co-producer: Nucksal
Production: VMC, STONESHIP
Recording engineer: Deepflow @ Boolgama (불가마) Studio
Mix & Mastering Engineer: nahzamsue @ Ssookgogae (쑥고개) lll Studio
A&R director: Suk Chanwoo
A&R management: Lim Heejung
Management: Suk Chanwoo, Lee Gwanbok
Calligraphy: Choi Jiyun @ 1901STUDIO
Styling: BassHammer, BLNK TIME
Photography: Boobagraphy
Art direction & design: Row Digga
MV directed by Deepflow, GDW, Madscene



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Source: R.O.K Hiphop


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