NoisyBoyz - Fire (With T.E.N) cover

NoisyBoyz release single and MV ‘Fire (With T.E.N)’

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Hongdae superstars NoiszBozy, who have become famous through busking, are making a comeback with the song ‘Fire’.

NoisyBoyz are a duo made up of P.Stone (돌맹이) and Ra_Look (라룩). They have been giving street performances for several years not only in Hongdae but all throughout South Korea, earning themselves the name ‘busking superstars’.
As it happens, San E and Basick have acknowledged NoisyBoyz’s talent and they performed together at Show Me The Money 4’s semi-final. NoisyBoyz’s audience increased greatly afterwards.
Their latest song ‘Fire’ was made by Ahn Jinwoong and Lee Haejoon who have worked with Baek Jiyoung before. The song offers consolation for the tiring lives of young people and tells them to let their passion burn once again.
Ahn Jiwoong is receiving praise for the creativity and novelty he put into the song, while Lee Haejoon alights it with his animated guitar play.
The music video was directed by ViBE Studio’s The Babe who was in charge of San E’s ‘Rap Circus’ MV.

It is surely worth it to stay on the lookout for these young newcomers’ music!

Song credits:
Produced by Ahn Jinwoong
Lyrics by P.Stone, Ra_Look, Ahn Jinwoong
Guitar by Lee Haejoon
Composed and arranged by Ahn Jinwoong, Lee Haejoon
Mixed & mastered by Ahn Jinwoong
Style by designer Jang Hyunjin
Photo by Neill Kim
Album cover art by Song.Z
MV credits:
Production: ViBE Creative Group
Director: Young Min Kim a.k.a The Babe
Assistant director: Woon Ki Choi
Camera: Seung Hyun Shin
Lighting: Neill Kim
Assistant: Min Ho Choi


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