NODIZINE - Fancy (album cover)

NODIZINE releases ‘Fancy’ EP and MV

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NODIZINE (aka Nodsgn) of juiceoveralcohol has released his first mini album yesterday.

The album shows the artist’s ‘Fancy‘ side, and unlike regular hiphop albums it has no featurings. All singing and rapping was done by NODIZINE himself, just like the producing, in order to show his skills and the variety of genres he can handle.

As of now, the music video for the title track is unfortunately available on Korean music portals only.

Track List & Credits:
  1. Sorry
  2. Hallelujah
  3. Fancy TITLE
  4. I’m Different
  5. Fancy (Inst.)

Lyrics written by NODIZINE
Composed by NODIZINE, 세권쌤
Arranged by NODIZINE
Photo by soomin

You can preview the album on Korean music portals, for example Mnet. Simply click on the ‘전체듣기’ (listen to all) button on the left above the track list and wait for the one-minute previews to play (they open in a pop-up window, ignore the message that pops up inside).

Source: Mnet