NiiHWA - XYZ (album cover)

NiiHWA releases single and MV ‘XYZ’

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NiiHWA has released the digital single ‘XYZ‘ today as well as a music video for the track.

NiiHWA is known for collaborating with KYEBUM-ZU, 2LSON, and Yoo Seyoon, for winning Super Rookie Challenge and for his appearance on Unpretty Rapstar. If you’d like to know more about him, read his interview with SCV of R.O.K Hiphop!

‘XYZ’ is the name of a cocktail that is recommended to patrons at the bar when closing time has passed, which is why its name is made up of the last letters of the alphabet. This minimalistic song with its tipsy melody is about a man and a woman throwing flirting glances at each other right until the bar closes.



Produced by NiiHWA
Lyrics by Niihwa
Composed and arranged by NiiHWA
Chorus by NiiHWA
Recorded by Jessie of Vlue Vibe Records
Mixed by Jessie of Vlue Vibe Records
Mastered by Sound Max

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Source: Mnet