Paloalto - 전야제 mixtape cover

Paloalto announces mixtape ‘Celebration’ and releases title track

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After spending the busy year of 2011 with many projects and vigorous activities, Paloalto released his first mixtape titled ‘Celebration (전야제)‘.  Paloalto, who participated in the 2003 compilation album [People & Places], officially debuted as a hip-hop artist through the independent label Willrecords (신의의지).  After several years of dedication and creative effort, Paloalto is now considered as a veteran of Korean hip-hop. The mixtape is special in that the beats and lyrics of each track are entirely original and mixed by HI-LITE RECORDS’  DJ Jjanga (DJ 짱가).

This mixtape focuses on Paloalto’s thoughts and sentiments as a veteran on Korea’s current hip-hop scene and the transition from living his life in his 20s to further maturing in his 30s. In addition, Paloalto commented, “This mixtape, in truth, is no different than a full album.  I called it a mixtape because I didn’t want to make this my third official album.  However, I hope that my fans will listen to this not as a mixtape but rather a fresh new album.”  The mixtape ‘Celebration’ will be available on December 29, 2011.  Along with this announcement, Paloalto released a free title track ‘Celebration’ featuring ILLIONAIRE RECORDS’ Dok2 and the mixtape album cover created by HI-LITE RECORDS’ Aeizoku.


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Paloalto – Celebration (ft. Dok2) [MEDIAFIRE]

Paloalto – ‘Celebration’ Tracklist

01. 전야제/Celebration
02. 32bars to kill
03. Celebration (feat. Dok2)
04. Batman’s Batman (feat. Okasian)
05. 홍대 앞/Hongdae Front (feat. Jerry.k)
06. Hip-Hop Lives (from Seoul Korea)
07. Master Mind (feat. The Quiett)
08. 위하여/For You (feat. Evo)
09. 참견말어/None Of Your Business (feat. Evo)
10. 홀로서기/Standing Alone 2008
11. 서울의 밤/Seoul’s Night Part.2 (feat. Huckleberry P, B-Free, Okasian)
12. Nothing Lasts Forever (feat. Kush)
13. 좋은밤/Good Night