Olltii - Rappin' Ollday mixtape cover

Olltii releases ‘Rappin’ OLLday’ mixtape and ‘Rigaolltiis’ MV

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A few days ago, young hiphop artist Olltii released his first mixtape titled [Rappin’ OLLday].

Born in 1996, Olltii released his first mixtape [Rappin’ OLLday] which features artists including JJK, Reflow, 8Dro, DJ KENDRICKX, Suda, Andup, and Seochoolgu (서출구). Along with the mixtape, Olltii also revealed the MV for his track “Rigaolltiis” which can be viewed below:

올티 – [Rappin’ OLLday] Tracklist

01. 그냥 랩
02. 마른보이
03. 거북이 레이스 (Feat. 서출구)
04. 21036
05. 애들아
06. ill(1)
07. Whut Is Rap Battle (Feat. JJK)
08. Rigaolltiis (Title Track)
09. 머리 위로 ADV RMX 2 (Feat. Reflow, JJK & DJ KENDRICKX)
10. 빠순
11. 봐, 다가와 (Feat. Andup & 8Dro)
12. 이(별)끌림 (Feat. 8Dro)
13. I’m OK (날 욕해)
14. Lonely
15. 외행성 (Feat. 수다쟁이)
16. 파고들기
17. Blue Sky

Download the mixtape: MEDIAFIRE

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