JTONG reveals tracklist for first LP

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JTONG, recognized for earning the title “HIPHOPPLAYA Rookie of the Year 2011” last year, released the full tracklist for his upcoming first full album.

As he prepares to launch his new album this September, JTONG plans to release the self-directed MV for his digital single on August 17. His full album will feature artists NoBrain, Lowdown 30, Simon Dominic, Beenzino, and Zion-T.

More details regarding JTONG’s album will be available through HIPHOPPLAYA.COM.


01. 깡패
02. 등장 (INTERLUDE)
03. 찌찌뽕
04. 개판 (Feat. NOBRAIN)
05. 구구가가 (Feat. LOWDOWN 30)
06. 4번타자 이정훈 (SKIT)
07. 사직동 찬가
08. 취해 부르는 노래
09. 혼란속의 형제들 (Feat. SIMON DOMINIC, BEENZINO, ZION.T)
10. 모히칸과 맨발

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